Other Consular Services

Registration of Nigerian Citizens in Belgium/Luxembourg

The Consular section of the Embassy is responsible for rendering consular and immigration services to Nigerian citizens in Belgium and Luxembourg.  It is therefore advised that newly arrived Nigerians and those who are not yet registered to register with the embassy by filling and submitting the Registration form.  The Embassy offers convenient registration of its nationals in the following two ways:

     (a) Offline registration by downloading the Form from here and then its submission to the Embassy in person or by email.


     (b) Online registration by completing the Form here

Other Consular Services rendered by the Embassy include the following:

  • Attestation/Sworn Affidavit
  • Certificate of Nationality
  • Certificate of Spinsterhood
  • Certificate of Bachelorhood
  • Law of Customary and Native Marriage in Nigeria
  • Single After Divorce
  • Child Registration
  • Registration of Nigerian citizens in Belgium
  • Emergency Travel Certificate (E.T.C) (Issued strictly for deportation purpose)
  • Education
  • Legalization of documents


  1. Consular Application Form available at the Embassy or can be downloaded here.
  2. Two (2) passport photographs
  3. Nigerian Passport
  4. Belgian Residence card.
  5. Evidence of registration as a Nigerian with the Embassy or Nigeria community in the Kingdom of Belgium / Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, duly signed
  6. Any other condition as may from time to time be introduced.


Type of Consular Attestation Fees
Sworn Declaration  € 20.00
Attestations in General  € 20.00
Authentication  € 20.00 per Page
Legalization (Company)  € 150.00
Legalization (Personal)  € 20.00
Emergency Travel Certificate (ETC)  € 50.00
Affidavit of bachelorhood/spinsterhood  € 20.00
Finger Print for Good Conduct Certificate  € 50.00

Emergency Travel Certificate (ETC)

  • Letter of Application - applying for Emergency Travel Certificat
  • Two recent coloured passport-sized photographs
  • Police report with a copy of the lost passport
  • Age Declaration/Affidavit and letter from National Population Commission.
  • The application letter need to cover the events surrounding the loss of passport and will include the following:

Date and place of birth
Local Government Area
State of Origin
Evidence of Flight Ticket booking to fall within 2 days of travel